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Ahead of time – TEDxBucharest 2016 – impresii LIVE

What costumers say they want and what they really want is light years apart. Trends are patterns in consumer expectations. Your costumers’ expectations are outside your industry. Who are you competing against? Not other brands, but your customers’ demands.…


music for the new souls

An inspirational song from the house. What we need to hear in order to heal. Soon, I’ll be decorating my own place. And sing while doing that. :))…



“What do I do know? Do I start believing in heaven and hell? How should I picture you? Are you wearing glasses and your favourite T-shirt over there? ‘Cause I can’t picture you without glasses on. Will you always…


find your better half

After the “meet your favourite stranger” idea – Missed Connection – I wrote about it last year, I think this is the cutest “sort-of-dating” website in the world: One Cold Hand.…


bad at being mean

I never know what to say or do. If I try to be mean, I usually end up being lame or weird. First of all, when I’m supposed to be mean, when someone is asking for it, I just…


10 years ago

Stingomeme. What was I doing and who was I in 1998? I was 14 years old. Wow. I’m young, aren’t I? :)) Stingo was 22 in 1998. And Monsoux was graduating in 1997. I was in secondary school. I…