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What costumers say they want and what they really want is light years apart.

Trends are patterns in consumer expectations.
Your costumers’ expectations are outside your industry.
Who are you competing against? Not other brands, but your customers’ demands.
To anticipate the new trends stop looking at people, start looking at businesses.

– Delia Dumitrescu, Lead Innovation Architect

Innovation starts when you think differently.
Innovation has to create meaning, not money. Money comes after.
You have to be exposed to more than one domain so you can have a different view.
Anyone can innovate. You don’t have to be in a white lab coat.

– Cornel Amariei is nominated by Forbes Europe as one of the most influential people in the world this year! He is an author, inventor and entrepreneur. An he is 23 years old.

Where are the statues of women in history? We were there. Why are we not in the pictures?
100 000 jobs in tech created every year and only 14% are taken by women. Numbers are showing it’s going to get worse.
Ada Lovelace was the first computer programmer. In 1843, she worked on an the first analytic engine, a complex computer prototype which was not made because it didn’t get enough funding. A hundred years later a man did something similar using also her work and he got all the credit.
In 1950s women did most of the programming.

– Zoe Philpott wants to update history with HER story. Success stories.
SHARE stories! MENTOR! We can create the other half of the story, not only boys should have role models.

We are living a 4th Industrial Revolution. The artificial intelligence one. Technology replaces people in many professions. What happens with the people who are left behind? 200 million people will be affected in the western world. There are more people in the world who have a college degree then people living in poverty. It’s the best time to be living.

Is your job an automatic action? Or is it finding a solution? Your job is going to be around if you are using creativity of finding solutions.

We need to rethink our world with the new tech perspective.

New ideas:

Unconditional Basic Income – getting money just for being a citizen (as a human right). People focus on what they like and figure out ways to monetize those activities. Maybe it will make us better people.

Reduce the workload. Work less than 40 hours a week.

Giving people free education.

Giving money to artists. Investment in cultural infrastructure. Makes sense from an economical point of view.
Why do we work? Produce goods, create personal income, FIND A PERSONAL PURPOSE. It’s not about survival.

Think about it: what would you do if money was not important? Stop doing a job you hate so you can get money to live a life you don’t like.

Dani Sandu – freelance sociologist.

After stepping on a bomb in Afghanistan, I lost three limbs.
During the marine preparation I struggled. Every talent I thought I had seemed to disappear. I was the leader of a group and I was also the youngest. I admitted to be scared and willing to learn. My colleagues appreciated my approach. I had HUMILITY AND DETERMINATION.
What do you need when you lack three limbs?
We underestimate the strength of the human body.
The first 30 minutes after the bomb explosion I was making jokes.
9 months after I was proficient in using my prosthetic limbs.
I entered a difficult kaiak race: 28,5 hours – won!
1 Keep paddling
2 Keep cool
3 Shit happens – when it does refer to rule number one.

Also rules in life. Instead of “paddling” you can say “learning”, “trying”, “fighting”.

I wanted to leave the Marine but I was afraid I couldn’t fit in the civilian world. So fear kept me in a dangerous job.

WHY do leaders lead? I am working on a book.

  • they are very determined

  • they are humble

  • they have the power of forgiveness

I discovered I have to forgive myself and thank myself in order to be happy with myself and live a meaningful live

– John White, leadership consultant and inspirational speaker


Making  the world a better place. Most medical devices are old and expensive. HOW will the industry look like 5  years from now?

7 to 10 million people are diagnosed with Parkinson’s. Loss of balance is one of the symptoms. The machine used to measure dizziness is huge and inefficient. COSTS 11 million dollars – most popular one.

ENTY is the solution she and her team  have found. Easy to use and cheap.

If you search for symptoms ahead of time you cand stay healthy.

You have lived for nothing if you haven’t helped someone who can’t pay you back. STAY  balanced!

– Flavia Oprea, Computer Science Student

My interest in science started when I was a kid and I used to hear my mother, a maths teacher, “tinde la infinit”. I started asking questions about infinity. Sci-fi movies told me the universe is infinite.
Using warp technology, like the one we know from Star Trek, we can demonstrate the universe is infinite.
Anything that has mass can’t travel faster than the speed of light in space. But what if we move the space around us?

That is Alcubierre Warp Drive: stretching spacetime in a wave. The ship can ride the wave.
We are making baby steps for space traveling but all this was impossible some time ago until someone said: this is not impossible!
Reality is the product of dreams.
I want to conquer infinity!

Ana Bercaru – 16 years old


MUSICAL moment – COCOON by Zoli TOTH


Half of the wood cut every year is illegal.
I am a volunteer consultant for the ministry of forestry and I made suggestions to improve the system. My idea was to use the population to report illegalities.
I posted on Facebook and my post became viral.
My idea was not accepted. I changed the tactics.
I found an app for verifying circulation numbers and finding out if the car was doing something legal or not. It was stopped in 2 days. INSPECTORUL PADURII
It took 2 months to get it working again. It had 30 000 users in 10 days. They stopped 3 times more thieves!
One guy spent 2 hours during his holiday checking trucks with his app and caught an illegal transport- the company had done another 20000 transports that year! This year. One guy with a smartphone stopped it.

Bogdan Micu

Past. Viruses were meant to show you that you are stupid, in the 90s. Mostly, they deleted files.
Romania was very exposed to malware because Bulgaria and Hungary created a lot of malware and it circulated geographically, by floppy discs.
New malware. Present.
Ransomware: when your files are encrypted and you pay to get the key. I saw modern hackers who make 1,5 million dollars in a week.
There are worms that can make a power plant explode.
The future?
Main concern is security. A famous security blogger was a attacked (ddos attack).
Fridge can send spam emails. Baby monitors can be hacked.

Catalin Cosoi, Chief Security Strategist, Bitdefender

Am luat numai note de 10 la scoala si ma credeam cea mai buna. Un esec m-a adus cu picioarele pe pamant. Am citit “caugarul care si-a vandut Ferrari ul” de Robin Sharma si am inceput sa ma port mai frumos cu oamenii. Cei din jur au sesizat schimbarea.
Am facut “Fabrica de experimente” – ceea ce lipseste din scoala romaneasca. Experimente practice care explica lectiile de la scoala. Am facut o cutie care contine obiecte pentru 17 experiente. La cutie au contribuit elevi olimpici.
Pentru aceasta initiativa ma trezesc fericita in fiecare dimineata.

Alexandra Butmalai – 19 years old – Entrepreneur

AI – will it impact us negatively? Pop culture suggests that (I robot, westwod etc).
It impacts us positively now. Education, medical industry.
Autonomous technology will save 168billion dollars annually- quote.
A lot of companies are working on finding tech solutions to benefit humanity (google, ibm, amazon).
Are we preparing for the new world?
We need to decouple the distribution of resources to the work. Universal basic income. It has been tested in Kenya. People are responding by working, being productive in what they like, they didn’t stop working as some may think. There are countries who have rejected the idea.

Andy Hood

Patrice Renaud – Professor, Researcher, Quebec University | Director, Virtual Reality Applications, Forensic Psychiatry Lab – talked about virtual reality in the study of sexual deviance and sex offenders. Some markers show the sexual preference. This science helps prevent assault and maybe treat deviance

Cristina Balan -Owner & Lead Designer, Tesseract Motors LLC – designed the battery in the Tesla electric car; her initials are on every battery. She has started her own design company and is working on a lot o innovations, such as a tricycle used in Canada now and a special type of windshield for cars. She is a woman, wife, a mother and also a very good engineer (one of the best in the world) and a creative person – although many think this profile is impossible to be achieved.

Patrick Kramer – Expert, Wearable Technology & Internet of Things – shocked the audience with a wearable device, like the ones we see in Sci-Fi movies, a microchip inserted in your arm or any other part of the body, under the skin, having information we usually keep in access cards or credit cards. You just scan your own hand and you can open you door, start you car, get into your gym etc. He is already selling these devices, as crazy as it may seem, there are thousands of people already wearing them in Europe.


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