How to be jealous

I realized I don’t know how to be jealous. My skills stop after liking “Jealous Guy” by John Lennon. If someone tells me something like “I had something to do“, I don’t ask questions. I trust everybody. Still, I have learned the hard way that many unasked “where are you?” gets you closer to being cheated on. So, better safe than sorry. Boys and girls, here’s my 2 cents.

1. Relax, take it easy. If you have just met someone, chances are you don’t know much about his or her friends or their habits. So, take each day at a time. Wait and see how things go. Feel the rhythm of the relationship before you give ultimatums, worry if that rhythm gets disrupted.

2. Be a little paranoid. You know how sometimes you get a bad feeling and your reason tells you the worst can’t happen? Well, it can. I’ve been there. So, if you sometimes feel like something is wrong (and you don’t get the feeling every 5 minutes, in which case you’re just insecure and that doesn’t count as a reason for jealousy!!) you should just be honest about it. Just say: “This doesn’t feel right. Tell me what’s wrong.” and listen.

3. Don’t get upset for no reason! Ask for an explanation before getting mad. What if you were just imagining things? Stay cool and think about it. Only after you have heard the explanation and that proves to be a lie, you should get upset.

4. Don’t be too forgiving. You might mean well, but 1 + 1 = 2, no exceptions. So if your significant other has cheated on you several times, well, don’t be surprised when it happens again. Plus, if you decide to overlook some things, be cure you understand the circumstances. Was it a one time thing? Or a six-months long thing? There is a difference between the two cases.

5. See the signs. What’s up with the silent mode on the phone all the time? How come you just take off from time to time? I don’t know any of your friends. Those are the signs!

So, my friends, I shouldn’t be giving any advice, since I learned how bad it hurts by falling. Still, I think a little jealousy spices up things. It shows you care. Just as long as it’s “a little” and not “too much”. But there’s a thin line between the two – and when it comes to crossing that line, you’re on your own!

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