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Cea mai buna bere pe care am baut-o vreodata

Aveam 16 ani, fix jumatate din cat am acum, si eram in aeroportul din Frankfurt. Ma intorceam din Maroc unde fusesem la o conferinta si eram cu Florin Lupu, un baiat de 21 de ani, un alt voluntar din…


bad at being mean

I never know what to say or do. If I try to be mean, I usually end up being lame or weird. First of all, when I’m supposed to be mean, when someone is asking for it, I just…


10 years ago

Stingomeme. What was I doing and who was I in 1998? I was 14 years old. Wow. I’m young, aren’t I? :)) Stingo was 22 in 1998. And Monsoux was graduating in 1997. I was in secondary school. I…