the hug

I had almost missed the train. I had to run to catch it and I was the last one to get on.

I hadn’t taken my cap off. It’s easier to spy on people with a cap almost covering my eyes. And then: beep-beep-beep! My cute-guy-alarm went nuts. He was tall and slim, just the way I like’em :), brown haired and smartly dressed. He was sitting, I was standing. I checked him out carefully, as if he had been auditioning for a part in a movie and I was the picky director.

Our eyes met. I felt safe and sexy behind the peak of my cap. We stared at each other for a few seconds, a little longer than the social rules would allow for two strangers like us.

Soon I had to get off the train. The station was very crowded. I tip toed to the escalators. As I was going up, I felt someone leaning on me. “It is crowded indeed”, I said to myself. But then I looked around me and realized that the escalator was not that full.

I turned my head a little to the right. The cute guy was standing behind me. He was hugging me. He put his head on my shoulder and smelled my perfume. And, as fucked up as that was (he could have stolen my wallet!), for those few seconds in his arms I felt loved like I hadn’t for a long time.

I got off the escalators and walked straight ahead. Didn’t look back.

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